Taapsee Pannu just wore socks with heels, and we cannot keep calm

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Photo: Yogen Shah

Anyone who’s stepped out in public in urban India, and has bothered to look at people around, knows of some cardinal sins of the fashion world.

While most of these sins are widely known, we find our beloved celebrities crossing the line sometimes to tread the unchartered territory. Yesteryear actress Rekha, for instance, was once spotted wearing sport shoes with a linen saree while stepping out of the airport in Mumbai. Now, we’re not saying that’s a fashion faux pas–whatever rocks her boat; to each her own–but it’s obviously jarring to see an icon like that do such a shoddy job of her public appearance, especially when she’s not seen making too many of late.

Now, joining the club is critically acclaimed actress Taapsee Pannu, who recently wore a pair of white ankle socks with a pair of black, strappy sandals. Yup, for real.

Why, Taapsee Pannu, why? Photo: Yogen Shah

Now, we’re not saying Taapsee cannot do that; of course she can, they’re her feet. All we’re saying is that socks serve a purpose, a purpose that’s widely different from the purpose sandals serve. Sandals, especially dainty heels like that, are supposed to make one’s silhouette look more poised while showing off one’s pretty feet. Socks, on the other hand are either worn when trying to escape cold or for absorbing sweat when wearing shoes–in Taapsee’s case, we don’t think either is applicable.

[ Source : intoday ]