Tuesday Ten: 10 Festival Hair Accessories for Under $20

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Keeping it Coachella chic.


The Coachella countdown is on!

Now that music festival season is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear when you’re outdoors trying to catch your favorite band. Whether you’re heading to Coachella or Lollapalooza, we’ve got you covered — from head to toe — on what to bring to the festival grounds.

To help you get started, here are 10 fashion and beauty accessories for the perfect festival hair — all for $20 or less!

 1. Flower Children Only Daisy Meow Crown, $20. Flower crowns are the basic girl staple at any given music festival. Step up your floral headwear game by going for something a little unexpected — like this cat ears headband that Ariana Grande would undoubtedly approve. We actually spotted Kourtney Kardashian wearing a crown from the same brand last summer!

2. Kitsch Feather Bun Pin, $18. Don’t be that ignorant person going around wearing a Native American headdress simply because it make a “cool” Instagram photo. (In fact, many music festival have banned the practice altogether.) Instead blatantly committing cultural appropriation, opt for subtle accessories that has the same feathery feel. We like this bun pin you can easily wear without offending any members of the Aboriginal community.

3. Urban Outfitters Metallic Hair Tattoo Set, $10. Celebrities like Beyoncé andRachel Zoe have all adorned flash tats. This year, take temporary ink to a whole new level by sporting some hair tattoos. Kylie Jenner has been seen rocking some serious metallic tattoos on her dark tresses.

4. Orelia Simple Metal Hair Slide Multipack, $8.50. Music festival hair accessories aren’t just limited to flower crowns and wide-brimmed fedoras. For those who aren’t so into big statement pieces, a few well-placed barrettes does the trick just fine. These minimalistic clips are dainty enough to go with just about any outfit.

5. Capelli New York Straw Floppy Hat, $9.99 $7. Protect your scalp and cover up any greasy hair by simply throwing on a chic hat. We recommend wearing something made of a breathable material — like straw — to avoid a sweaty head.

6. H&M Love Coachella Patterned Denim Cap, $12.99. Athleisure is a huge trend this season — just ask BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid — and no sporty look is completely with the cap. This one is one directly inspired by Coachella, so you know it’s definitely music festival-ready!

7. Joico InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray, $9.99. Everyone from Zayn Malik to Kesha have just about hopped onto the pastel hair trend. If you’re not ready to take the plunge just yet, you can always play around with color with something less permanent. While colored chalk may not always work on dark locks, this finishing spray is so vibrant and pigmented that it’ll even appear on the blackest of hairs. What’s better? It comes in a variety of blendable colors like Mermaid Blue and Fiery Orchid!

8. Modena Fringe Scarf, $28 $16.60. A lightweight scarf is possibly the best accessory to have at a music festival. Not only can you wear it like a shawl on colder nights, you can also tie it up in your hair to cover up any sweat and grease on your head. Hello, functional fashion!

9. Cara Leaf Headband, $20. Forget being a hippie. Become a Grecian goddess in this leaf headband. Fitted with a stay-put comb, this is one hair accessory that won’t fall out when you’re dancing the night away.

10. Forever 21 Draped Chain-Front Headpiece, $4.90. Whether you’re a bohemian free spirit or a rocker chic fashionista, a metal headpiece is a great way to add some sparkle and shine to your outfit. This metallic piece will surely help you stand out from the sea of flower crowns.

Shop more music festival hair accessories — below!