18 Best Lifestyle Blog Designs To Inspire Bloggers 2022

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Are you an enthusiast writer who needs the inspiration to create a web presence? If you are, you shouldn’t miss these lifestyle blog designs that are exceptional and genius.

Before we begin, let’s look at how interesting and powerful blogging can be to a passionate writer. Firstly, it can help build trust online. With compelling, resourceful content you share on the web, it’s a lot easier to draw users to your website. Another perk of blogging is enhancing your expertise in your field or niche. Once you put up your blogging business, you must publish articles often, sharpening your writing skills.

Moreover, blogging can help you get feedback from the audience. This way, you have great opportunities to develop your ideas and style well in crafting your piece. What’s more? If you genuinely persevere and put out your heart into blogging, it can be a great stream of revenue and can develop into a full-time business.

Today, we handpicked an amazing list of lifestyle blog designs that will help bloggers unleash their creativity and uniqueness in building their web presence. Specifically, lifestyle bloggers share diverse content that differs in their preferences and inspired by their personal lives. These could include fashion, food, makeup, travel, design, recipes, etc. With this collection, you’ll find various designs to help you finish your lifestyle blog project.

Best Lifestyle Blog Design Examples

Fleur De Force

Inspired by Taylor Swift’s passion for makeup, Fleur De Force has become one of the most successful UK beauty and fashion video bloggers. With the desire to pursue her passion for makeup, she started blogging in 2009, sharing makeup tips, product recommendations, and style inspiration on her innovative and well-designed website. It embraces a smooth slider on the hero header highlighting the featured articles. Since articles look more interesting when added with images, each post has huge thumbnails. Another thing, this website offers an excellent shopping experience for every visitor. Furthermore, Fleur De Force features a sticky menu, social media, video integration, Instagram feed and more.

A Model Recommends

Here’s a lifestyle blog that features the everyday life and interests of a fashion model, Ruth Crilly. The website is visually appealing, with amazing elements added to provide a smooth user experience. The website header charms the audience with a gorgeous full-width photograph of the author herself. The latest posts section shows up when a user scrolls the website. Each post looks clean and neat, with brief descriptions arrayed in grids.
The best thing about having a lifestyle blog is playing a big role in marketing brands. Specifically, this website exhibits the top products that the model recommends to her audience Moreover, it also features news and views sections of the model..

Irene Sarah

Irene Sarah is a great website that has a clean and minimalist lifestyle blog design. The ample use of white space makes this website stand out on the web. It features a nice presentation of the hero header as it exhibits clear imagery, an outstanding logo, and a user-friendly layout. The sticky header indeed offers easy and quick navigation for website users. Not only that, but it also integrates the social media icons on the header to easily locate the social media pages. To present the content engagingly, each post has a respective thumbnail.

Moreover, the website integrates a shop so users can purchase the recommended products of the author. It also integrates YouTube and Instagram platforms through huge square boxes. In addition, each featured post has recommended products that are highlighted through a slider.

Thomas De Dorlodot

Thomas De Dorlodot is a creative and wonderful website that features the lifestyle of a professional paraglider. It is probably one of the most jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring lifestyle blog designs. With its unusual navigation and transitions, this website can truly inspire every lifestyle blogger out there. Particularly, the header comes with Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo icons along with a nice photo of the author. Adding a touch of creativity, this website utilizes the awesomeness of GSAP animation. Each post is clean and minimalist and looks grandeur with subtle background animations. It also utilizes the off-canvas menu where a user can access the latest project, public speaking, press, newsletter, etc.

Nourish Eats

Nourish Eats is undeniably one of the most spectacular and exceptional lifestyle blogs that exist on the web. Its out-of-the-box design never fails to impress every visitor that lands on the website. With the desire to share her healthy meals and recipes without compromising functionality, Nourish Eats website is crafted. The visually appealing homepage looks striking as it utilizes a smooth page transition. The various ways of website navigation also add charm to the website. Whether a user navigates through the menu on the header or opts for the previous and next buttons on the footer, these are just beautiful options for visitors. This website also uses clear and beautiful images that can help boost the look and feel of the website.

Emma Martiny

Blogging can be more fun and exciting if the author is passionate about the blog she’s trying to build. Emma Martiny loves to share her lifestyle with a simple lifestyle blog design. It welcomes every visitor with full-width images on the hero header with a short description on the bottom using a slider. Her website displays the latest blog post with another slider. This way, visitors can easily scan through the list with ease.

Meanwhile, other recipes are also displayed with mouth-watering images that serve as thumbnails. Since a lifestyle blogger can easily influence followers, Emma Martiny integrates a super user-friendly shop within the website. Other features include Instagram feed, sticky header, newsletter, and more.

Interface Lovers

Here’s an inspirational blog that can help creative individuals shine like other stars in their respective fields. Interface Lovers is a website that has a simple but comprehensive lifestyle blog design. The homepage looks great with the split-screen layout: a fixed featured article on the left and scrollable content on the right. A user can access the interview page, where articles are arranged in a masonry layout. Other website pages are the mixes, about, Instagram page, and Twitter page of Interface Lovers. It also includes a simple and elegant newsletter for newly published interviews, mixes, and jobs.

Territory Supply

Truly, a blog can help you reach a massive audience with similar passions as you are. With Territory Supply, hikers and travelers may never miss the best gears they need and the beautiful places to travel. The website showcases useful and resourceful articles for different outdoor adventures. The hero header is a great combination of clear imagery with bold typography. Specifically, the header enables users to access the latest posts, gear reviews, hiking, camping and travel guides. Territory Supply ensures that the Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest icons are visible on the header to ease a subscription. Moreover, the footer is also packed with essential elements, including links to other pages, newsletter subscriptions, etc.

Me and Mr. Darcy

Me and Mr. Darcy is another fantastic blog that covers love and life. Indeed, life is too short not to remind everyone to live to the fullest. This website looks great with the asymmetrical layout added with gestures as interactions, filters, and effects. Its colorful hero header implies that it adds color to everyone’s life with stuff that lasts. Adding beauty to the website, it has a cool, sticky home button and contact on both sidebars. It also features sliders as part of the site’s navigation option. It has essential pages that visitors can access including Archives, Work with me, About, Lifestyle, Narrative and People. Additionally, the images also add creativity to the website, typography, icons, etc.

Gigalife Blog

Today, we see a lot of unique and impressive designs of websites. Thanks to the power of technology, implementing striking animations is smooth and possible. Gigalife is a technology blog for Vodafone that has an out-of-the-box design, impressive navigation, awesome transitions, and cool animations. The amazing hover effect it integrates is simply exceptional. Also, the slide transition effect on the video section adds elegance and sophistication to the overall design. Moreover, the website also features a newsletter subscription, social media, animation upon scrolling, and more to explore! Packed with useful elements, this website is ever ready to impress the audience.


This award-winning blog/magazine is ready to inspire bloggers to create innovative and resourceful lifestyle blogs. Ignant has a clean, minimalist lifestyle blog design that features the finest arts, design, photography, travel and architecture. Emphasizing visual hierarchy, the audience can easily comprehend the website’s most important elements that contribute to a good user experience. Since the animation upon scrolling adds appeal to the site, Ignant embraces its essence. Meanwhile, a nice slider is utilized to present the different articles with interesting thumbnails to improve retention. As social media plays a great role in promoting the blog, Ignant ensures that it’s easier to access its social media accounts.

Margaret Zhang

If you’re a passionate blogger who wants to improve credibility, then better not miss this list of amazing lifestyle blog designs. Margaret Zhang is a great fashion blog that expresses the author’s perception through striking images and compelling stories. Instead of implementing the traditional websites designs, Margaret Zhang’s website design goes beyond expectations. It anchors contents in an asymmetrical design. It features two stories on the header with vertical text on each post. Since the author is also a filmmaker, the homepage features various motions or films displayed using a slider. Similarly, it also features photography works on another slider too.

Bucketlistly Blog

Bucketlistly Blog has an awe-inspiring lifestyle blog design that will motivate fellow bloggers to make the most of their website. This blog shares enormous travel guides and itineraries, not to mention the digital nomad resources, ready to cheer and entertain every individual who lives in a digital nomadic lifestyle. This website is built with a comprehensive homepage. The hero header has a minimalist design with CTAs, an author’s photo, and a brief bio. Knowing the importance of videos in visitor retention, Bucketlistly is packed with beautiful and inspiring videos of different places he had visited. Part of building credibility is to reveal which popular broadcast news organizations featured your story. Well, the website never ignores its essence to improve credibility.


Blogging seems to be a small business but can help you become a powerful digital influencer. Sazan proves that it is greatly possible! Her website has a lovely, clean and minimalist lifestyle blog design that will truly inspire bloggers out there. The homepage is jampacked with excellent elements coupled with exceptional typography and visual hierarchy. The animation upon scrolling, adds to the creativity of the website. While images and copy are compelling, the sticky header never fails to provide quick and easy navigation. The social media icons arrayed vertically on the sidebar look stunning too. From daily outfits, travel food, fitness, beauty tips, relationships, etc., Sazan has got them covered for you!

Barefoot Blonde

Lifestyle blogs are good at sharing practical, effective, and useful lifestyle tips that will motivate the audience. Barefoot Blonde has a minimalist lifestyle blog design. This website is essential for women from lifestyle, beauty, travel, and fashion. Just like enthusiastic bloggers, Barefoot Blonde is also a digital influencer. Having a clean and simple layout, this website has well-structured content. The homepage is packed with clear, huge photos as thumbnails with social shares on each post, comments, and a brief description of the post. It also uses a sticky header with social media icons, search, and menu. The header features a cool Instagram feed where visitors can easily connect with the author’s account.

Gal Meets Glam

Here’s another stunning lifestyle blog design that will enkindle your interest in building your web presence with style. Gal Meets Glam is a wonderful source of inspiration that covers fashion articles, beauty, home, and travel. Its website is a great manifestation of simplicity and elegance. The homepage directly showcases the articles one after the other with big thumbnails, short descriptions, social shares, and a subscription button. With the desire to build a user-friendly website, it features a sticky header where users can access the website’s different pages. In particular, other pages of the website have huge, high-quality images. Apart from that, visitors can shop for the daily outfit available on the Daily Look page.

Camille Styles

Don’t miss this collection of exceptional lifestyle blog designs that will surely marvel bloggers. Camille Styles covers a wide range of practical articles to help you live the life you have. It covers food, home, travel, wellness, and even entertainment. The hero header comes with a full-width image of attractive home decor. The overall design looks neat and sophisticated with the ample white space. At the same time, it utilizes a sticky header where a simple logo is added, menu, subscription button, and off-canvas menu. The social media icons on the footer and off-canvas menu are ready to help users connect with the brand.

Among Other Things

Blogging is fun that everybody can start as a hobby. But giving out your best in crafting the content will produce excellent leads all over the web. Among Other Things is a wonderful lifestyle blog of a blogger who loves traveling, music, red wine, late nightlife, chats, etc. To deliver practical lessons in lifestyle, travel, fitness and other aspects of life, Among Other Things is created with remarkable design. The homepage has a nice, smooth carousel that highlights the featured articles using medium-sized thumbnails. Knowing the essence of easy navigation, this website integrates a sticky header where visitors can easily access the menu. The logo and the social media icons are also added to the header to improve branding.