I love reading lifestyle blogs. Not only do they allow me to share in the world’s perspective and opinions on any topic under the sun, but they assist in solving any of life’s quandaries.

From general health to do-it-yourself projects around the house, you can find a blog to help you with whatever’s on your mind. Even if you’re just feeling blue, you will find a like-minded person out there that you can relate with.

Today we’re exploring my personal favorite blogs from around the world wide web. These sites cover anything from home improvement to fashion, cleaning, shopping, and self-improvement.

If we come across any more can’t-miss blogs in the near future, we will be sure to add them to this list as well.

1. Crafty Little Gnome

A self-described “lifestyle blog for DIY lovers,” Crafty Little Gnome was founded in 2006 by Adrienne. She’s a devoted mother and wife with a love of animals, art, and decorating around the house using inexpensive and repurposed objects. You can find articles on her blog explaining how to convert used car tires into flower planters, using upcycled doorknobs as garden art, and all sorts of delicious tea recipes using home grown (and often unconventional) ingredients.

Whenever Adrienne comes up with a new article, it’s can’t miss.

2. Gen Y Girl

Founded in 2012 by Kayla Buell, Gen Y Girl focuses on career advice and making it in the world as a much-maligned and often misunderstood “Millennial.” Kayla has a Master’s Degree in human resources and a bachelor’s in health services.

She is a digital content strategist in a successful advertising firm so I can definitely relate with her experiences and perspective. Her topics range from dealing with office life as a young professional, making better life decisions, self-employment tips, to general happiness blogs like “5 Easy Ways To Make This Year Awesome.”

Make sure to subscribe to and follow Gen Y Girl today. It’s wonderful food for thought.

3. A Bowl Full of Lemons

One of my personal favorites, A Bowl Full of Lemons was created in 2010 with a focus on house cleaning and tidying up. Their terrific team is led by head writer Toni, who publishes 3-4 blogs per week focusing on “organizing, DIY projects, organizing challenges, cleaning, decorating, and budgeting.”

Their website is separated into 3 different categories: Organize, Budget, and Clean. I constantly go over the cleaning section to check how our cleaning services’ strategies compare to theirs. I am elated to see that our pros use similar methods and supplies that come recommended by ABFOL. Great minds do think alike, after all.

4. CafeMom

Personally, I am not a mother but I do have a mom. While their mission statement is to meet “the emotional and practical needs of every mom with an honest, gritty, funny, wise, practical and uplifting spirit that mirrors motherhood itself,” I believe that their articles apply to everyone. Founded in 2006, CafeMom has quickly grown to be one of the highest-trafficked websites dedicated to women.

This is a large site with many writers on staff. Their diverse approach to topics like parenting, politics, and everything in between ensures that you will have plenty of great topics to peruse.

5. Hello Giggles

Be prepared to laugh! HelloGiggles was created in 2011. Founded by Molly McAleer, Sophia Rossi, and New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel, HelloGiggles aims to provide a positive online community for women.

Men, don’t let that discourage you from exploring their site. If you have any interest in beauty, fashion, culture, film, live events, gender equality, careers, and entertainment, then you will fit right in.

Sometimes they cover a few topics that are more serious. Recently, I read an engaging article about the writer’s personal experience with dropping out of college and the consequences that come from this decision.

Complex issues like these are explored along with lighter pieces announcing Ben and Jerry’s online store or exploring the best vegan cuisine in New York City.

6. Fearless Men

For a nice change of pace, check out Fearless Men. That’s right, guys, men can have their own blogs too! Described as a blog “for those interested in manly topics that haven’t bought into today’s status quo for men,” this site covers a wide range of macho topics like the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen, the importance of having a dehumidifier in your baby’s room, and the best methods of bouncing back from injury. Real manly stuff, right?

This blog is run by authors John and Todd. They focus their writing on topics that promote humility, courage, wisdom, integrity, accountability, and honor. Restoring manhood to its positive traits that are minimized by society, Todd defines manhood as “taking responsibility and living with the consequences.”

I believe that these traits don’t have to be restricted to men. People of all gender varieties can take a look at Fearless Men and learn how to be better versions of themselves.

7. Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

I love reading blogs that have a personal touch to them. Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog is run by, none other than, Jenn! She’s a full time blogger and mom from New Mexico with four vibrant kids ranging from ages 2 – 13.

On her site, Jenn will share marriage tips, parenting guides, crafts, DIY projects, budget tips, and everything else under the sun. The blog also hosts full time writers such as Karen, Becky, Lorena, Misty, and Nancy, who all bring their personal perspectives to the table.

I would say that they know what they are doing – the Blah Blah Blog has been in operation since 2011. To join the Blah Blah Blog community, just click here.

8. Curbly

For homeowners that are passionate about making their homes beautiful, Curbly is the perfect blog. Since 2006, this site has been writing about decorating and DIY projects around the house.

Bruno Bornsztein is the lead publisher and founder of Curbly. He intended to create a blog that helps us explore the creative side of home décor as well as to foster a community of people who love where they live.

It’s a great mission statement and for over 10 years, they have been doing exactly that. IKEA enthusiasts will lose themselves in the “IKEA Hacks” section, with over 100 tips for making the most out of your affordable Swedish furniture.

Sometimes they will cover more unorthodox topics. My favorite post by Bruno is titled “What Do You Want to Know About Blogging?” He speaks about monetizing your blogs and how to capitalize a growing and engaged social media following. To learn more about how you can improve your house decor and gain a few life lessons along the way, check out Curbly today.

9. College Fashion

College Fashion is a wonderful blog! It started off as Zephyr Basine’s personal blog in 2007 and quickly blew up into a completely student-run online fashion magazine. This site hosts a robust community of fashionistas that share tips on couture, accouterments, cosmetology, and the latest trends.

I passionately peruse the inspiration section. Here, you’ll find the perfect influences for your next stylish look. You can find out what is this season’s hottest color or what your favorite celeb is wearing on the street.

Video game enthusiasts can also combine their passions by following CF’s recurring blog about video game fashions. Now you don’t have to wait until Comic Con to unveil your themed outfits.

Of course, when you are campus bound, College Fashion should be your first stop to make sure you aren’t wearing the same outfit as one of your classmates.

10. SitePoint

SitePoint is an online magazine style site that focuses on topics regarding the web community. Founded in 1999, this site has become host to a vast community for web developers to share their stories about building the amazing websites that represent your companies. SitePoint is built by web professionals and is for web professionals.

It’s a wonderful resource when you are embarking on your next big web project. They have countless how-to articles, common troubleshooting for platforms like HTML and JavaScript, and even video courses to bring you and your team up to speed on the latest techniques and apps.

11. BlogCritics

This site is a wonderful alternative to Rotten Tomatoes and so much more. Not only are all of your favorite films reviewed by a large panel of independent critics, but they also look at TV, books, music, gaming, arts, politics, science, and even travel. Some of my personal favorite entries are about topics you never would have thought about. If you need to learn more about auto loans, they have an article discussing it.

You can join in on the discussion of any article they host. If you strongly disagree with the rating they gave your favorite flick, let them know in the comments section. BlogCritics was founded in 2002 by broadcaster and journalist Eric Olsen.

There is a great reason why they have sustained their success for over 15 years: expanding their site to covering news, interviews, and general articles has helped them to expand their readership. Find an interesting article today on BlogCritics.

12. Small Business Trends

Are you a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner? SmallBizTrends is a vital resource that has you specifically in mind. It was founded in 2003 by Anita Campbell and reaches over 6,000,000 viewers annually. The primary reason for their popularity is simple, no-nonsense content that directly applies to business owners everywhere.

It’s a fairly large site with its own in-house editorial staff and over 400 experts that regularly contribute their knowledge and expertise to the interested public. Whether your expertise is marketing, management, finance, software, or tech, SmallBizTrends has a section devoted to it. If you are looking for advice on how to succeed or scale your upstart, visit their site today.

13. Makely

This is a fantastic DIY blog by an interesting author that really does it all. Makely was founded in 2009 by Lindsay Ballard. Her work experience includes being a college mascot and political analyst. Did I mention she’s also a roller derby professional?

She’s also a loving wife and mother of two energetic kids, with two dogs completing the family. I can certainly relate to her life experiences and we share a passion for getting things done around the house yourself.

Makely hosts articles about decorating, DIY projects, and healthy living.

If you think you know all the uses of essential oils, think again. Lindsay is a self-described “essential oil enthusiast” and she has numerous articles exploring the vast number of uses for it. Before you start your next DIY project, visit Makely today and see if you can learn more about it first.

14. The Idea Room

Amy Huntley has created a nifty cooking blog called The Idea Room. She’s a busy mother of five kids and she uses her family life to inspire her cooking creations and ideas. What makes her experience unique is that she deals with food intolerance and a large number of allergies. Her recipes reflect these special circumstances and she has expertise in cooking for folks with all sorts of different tastes and accommodations.

The mission statement for her site is very moving. She desires to create a positive place where we all can share and be uplifted in positive ways by each other. Her blog reflects this to the core.

The recipes vary from desserts to dinner entrees and even innovations like homemade play dough and rainbow pancakes. I love her recipe for baked ravioli. Check out The Idea Room and get your favorite recipes today!

15. The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is one of my all-time favorite blogs because it is bursting at the seams with flavor, energy, and personality. Founded and operated by Ree Drummond, an exuberant mother of four with a wacky basset hound and a cowboy husband, this site is the perfect guide to living in rural America.

She covers delicious ranch-style recipes, life experiences with her family and community, and even fun articles like recurring quizzes and prize giveaways. While working, sometimes I get lost in this site for more time than I’d like to admit.

Photography devotees, you can also view her picture collections and even share your own favorites with The Pioneer Woman community. Join in on the fun today by visiting The Pioneer Woman!

16. A Spicy Perspective

This is one of my favorite cooking blogs because of the personal style that is infused into all of the featured recipes. A Spicy Perspective is founded and operated by Sommer Collier, a professional food writer, recipe developer, culinary stylist, photographer, wife, and mother of two future food critics.

You can really tell just how knowledgeable Sommer is when she writes her recipes and every dish is bursting with spice and flavor.

The next time you’re cooking a large meal, whipping up dessert for the family, or even whipping up some Sloppy Joes, head to A Spicy Perspective before you start. Trust me, everything you’ll find on this blog lives up to its spicy reputation.

17. Erin Spain

I get many of my lifestyle tips from this blog. Erin Spain is a blog run by Erin Spain and was founded in 2012 as DIY on the Cheap. It’s been rebranded as ErinSpain.com since 2016.

So who is Erin Spain? She’s a resident of Georgia, family woman with three young sons and husband, and accomplished writer with degrees in journalism and telecommunications.

Erin is passionate about projects that add personality and beauty to her house with the aim of making it feel more like a home. As her blog’s previous name indicates, she stresses the need to work within one’s budget and making the most out of resources already in possession.

For example, I followed Erin’s method of creating a gallery wall out of paintings and frames I already had. The end result is an eye-catching piece of artwork in my home that my friends immediately ask me about when they see it. Thanks, Erin!

18. Dream Green DIY

Dream Green DIY is a fun home improvement blog written by Carrie Walker since 2011. She’s a stylist, writer, and photographer with interests in crafting and interior design. She is well versed in home design with a background in art history as well as studio art. Her articles effectively display her passions and expertise in art.

Carrie’s blog includes very innovative design ideas like making pressed flower wine labels, the easiest tabletop styling ever, and a DIY sliced cake wall clock. Her tips for redecorating are mind blowing and exhilarating. The next time I want to overhaul my humble abode, I’ll definitely be drawing inspiration from Dream Green DIY.

19. 320 * Sycamore

Remember the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life?  320 Sycamore is the address of the abandoned Old Granville house that high-schoolers throw rocks at to make a wish. The protagonist, George, and his sweetheart Mary both threw rocks at this dilapidated house.

Secretly, Mary wished to wed George and eventually live in this house. She saw the abandoned house’s potential and was able to restore the house into their beautiful home.

The blog 320 * Sycamore is named after the Old Granville house because it draws inspiration from the potential of homes and families. Any house that is considered a “fixer upper” can be made wonderful again.

320 * Sycamore’s founder and writer, Melissa, has been working on DIY projects since 2008 and loves to make the most out of limited resources and time.

Welcoming the challenge of home improvement on a budget, Melissa has been tackling projects like making over her front porch and making a gallery wall for about 10 bucks. Check out 320 * Sycamore today and learn how to make more with less.

20. Life Over Easy

Life Over Easy is a blog that is fun and full of adventure. It’s founded by and operated by two of the most eccentric bloggers you’ll ever come across: Nads and Dani. Dani is a certified engineer and Nadi is a marketing expert. But that’s their day jobs. By night, they are globe-trotting, belly-dancing, camel-riding sisters in crime (allegedly) that share their experiences and advice on Life Over Easy.

On the site, you’ll find articles about home and family, recipes, fashion, and travel. A few years ago, Dani shared a thoughtful article about motherhood and shoes. It’s a touching piece about how time is fleeting and sharing rites of passage with your baby as she transitions to womanhood.

They also share a few really great DIY projects they have worked on recently, such as a homemade birdbath made from vintage glass and decoupage origami bangles. Visit Life Over Easy today and explore the wild side of blogging.

If you are an avid reader, I really recommend taking a look at all of the blogs listed in this article. The wealth of information shared by this network of communities will be life changing.