121 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas For 2022 You Have Not Used


Have you ever got clueless while brainstorming lifestyle blog post ideas? Maybe, not sure what lifestyle blog topics to write about?

I’m sure you get stuck a lot of times.

Usually, many bloggers run out of blog post ideas.

To be honest, it frustrates when you sit in front of a blank screen and you don’t know what to write about.

I really don’t know how often you sort it out but, I always love the online list of blog post ideas. It just adds up more ideas to write about.

Starting a blog is definitely a task of a few minutes but to find new blog post topics is absolutely challenging. If you are a lifestyle blogger, then you definitely need engaging thoughtful ideas that build an audience online.

Don’t know what ideas to collect and start writing? Here’s the list of 121 lifestyle blog post ideas to help you create a blog that matters.

If you are looking for the best lifestyle blog ideas, scroll down.


The following list of blog post ideas is not just limited only to trendy lifestyle bloggers. It doesn’t matter what niche you belong to, these ideas work best for all bloggers. Maybe, pick a few blogging ideas and start writing about it. Or, create lifestyle blog topic ideas for upcoming months.

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At this stage, you could be thinking about what blog topics to write about?

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I’ve done my minor contribution by conducting small research about the useful blog post topics lifestyle bloggers must need to know and write on their blogs.

I’m sure this post gives you enough ideas to work on your next lifestyle blog post. If you use Instagram then you would love this 3000+ words blog post on ’61 Instagram Post Ideas To Beautify Your Instagram Feed

Coming to blog post ideas, I personally recommend picking the bold ones first. But, you can always pick topics of interest.


Here’s a list of creative blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

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1. Share your most favorite useful blogging tip.
2.5 ways to motivate yourself
3.Ways to build an online relationship with bloggers
4.Appreciate 5 bloggers and describe Why?
5.Free social media technology tools to promote your blog
6.Your favorite tourist destination
7.Health and fitness guide for busy entrepreneurs
8. How to pursue your ambition in life?
9. 5 must-haves for your bag
10.The use of beauty products in your everyday life
11.9 things that make you feel happy all the time
12. How do you get inspired?
13. How to save money while shopping?
14.Your favorite hashtags for social media?
15. What motivated you to create a blog? Share the reasons.

So, when you thinking of writing on a post about ‘saving money’. This is a broad topic and you can easily choose 5-6 other ideas on saving money. For example, how to save money as a teenager, how to save money on grocery etc. Think of all the other ideas that come along with these ideas.

Ever got thinking to write on a different kind of blog post? Well, I have few other ideas for you!

Start with these 19 types of blog posts to add variety to your blog content. Let those creative juices flowing and be creative with your blog content. It’s time to add new direction to your content. You never know what’s going to drive results in 2020!

Let’s continue with more ideas…

16. 3 biggest challenges you struggle with as a blogger and how to overcome it?
17. Mention your favorite blogging tools. (Here’s my favorite blogging tools treasure)
18. What tools do you use to maintain social media profiles?
19.3 books that you recommend
20.Best tools for creating blog images?
21.Your favorite blog post that you love reading again and again.
22. List of inspirational quotes (do mention your favorite one)
23. Share a personal story to motivate readers.
24. How to leave your 9-5 job and start working for yourself?
25.10 healthy foods to eat daily
26.Interview a blogger and share a success story
27.How to avoid online distractions and focus on work?
28.The best lessons you’ve learned in your life
29.10 things you love about road trip
30-Why SEO is necessary for your blog?
31- How to set blogging goals for better success and productivity?
32- Write about travel essentials
33-A roundup post of successful bloggers of your niche.
34- Your favorite look of the day.
35- 10 rich lifestyle blogs to visit
36- List your favorite accessories
37- 7 ways to appreciate people and say ‘Thank you’

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38- Share your self-care routine with readers
39- Healthy diet plan you wish to follow
40 – Roundup post: 10 eyeliner tips shared by top beauty bloggers
41- 7 tips to nourish your skin
42- Write a post on women traveling
43- State the perks of blogging and making money
44- How much hours you spend online to run your blog?
45- Write about your favorite blog and mention them.
46- Share tips about self-improvement
47- Write about lifehacks
48- 23 ways to save money and time
49- Why do you need a blog planner?


50- How do you stay organized?
51- Write something that helps your readers
52- Women entrepreneurship
53- Your outfit of the day blog post
54- Gift ideas for best friends
55 – Party theme ideas
57- Share your opinion on a topic
58- Your photo collection
59- Best movies to watch this year
60- Discuss your epic failure and what you’ve learned
61- Make A-Z list and share it with your readers
62- Do a review about a monthly subscription box
63- 10 things to get inspired
64- Life realities
65- Share morning routine

Let’s say you want to write a post on the morning routine. By this one topic, you can derive 3 to 4 other blog post topics for your lifestyle blog. Some other ideas on morning routine are how to prepare for a productive morning routine, 6 am morning routine for work at home moms, 6 things you do in your morning routine etc.

The idea here is to use these blogging ideas as the main idea and come up with a dozen of other related ideas. This could really help you come up with unique and creative ideas for months. You just got to be a little creative when it comes to brainstorming.

66- Write about things that use in daily life
67- How to stay calm?
68- What’s your dream? Write about it.
69- Write a book review
70- List of youtube channels
71- Share productivity tips
72- How you handle a busy schedule?
73- Family gatherings
74- Story about your pet and you.
75- 7 things about yourself
76- How to throw a birthday party at home?
79- Ways to surprise your boyfriend/best friend?
80- Talk about your favorite meals.
81- Favourite Instagram Lifestyle Bloggers to follow
82- Write about your favorite phone apps?
83- 10 things you can’t live without
84- Blog about humanity.
85- Why self-care is important?
86- Life is beautiful – Tell why?
89- Online shopping trends
90- Favorite go-to stores
91- Saving money
92- How to manage time? And why it’s important?
93- Sleeping disorders
94- The idea of living a care-free life

Are you liking these ideas? As I said, you can always change the idea and tweak it to make your topic. Go through your old posts, and see what you’re missing. You should also write posts that your audience needs the most. Continue reading to find more ideas.

95- Best goal setting planners
97- How to boost creativity?
98- Talk about any freelance services from home
99- How to make money from home?
100- Fashion trends
101- Write a roundup post
102- Love for Coffee
103- DIY ideas
104- Fitness tips and routine
105- 3 secrets about glowing skin
106- Write about your city – hometown
107- Refreshing summer drinks
108- Inspirational women
109- Share a personal relationship advice
110- What tricks you used to grow your lifestyle blog?
111- How your blog is different than others?
112- Tips for new college students
113- Take a blogging course and write about it
114- Ever bought an ebook? Share the main points
115- How do you become consistent with your blog life? The truth about consistency in blogging life.
116- Awesome activities for kids
117- The Dos and don’ts of online learning
118- 5 habits of successful people
119- Write about the biggest mistake
120- Share how to create a kickass blog post
121- Share your happy moments with your readers.
122 – Time management tips
123 – How to get more work done – your best productivity tips
124 – The number #1 advice for teenagers
125 – Discuss a daily routine to be productive
126 – What’s your dream job/business?
127 – Who admires you the most? And, why?
128 – Hair tips for busy moms/young teens
129 – 20 day clean eating challenge
130 – 10 no spend activities on weekends

I hope you’ve picked some creative lifestyle blog post topics for your blog.

But, make sure you also integrate compelling pictures with the posts. Do you know that blog posts with images do well on social media and even, Pinterest?

You can literally design cute graphics, add your own photos to make your lifestyle blog interesting and captivating!