Ami Austin Interior Design Opens New Studio in Downtown Memphis

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Ami Austin, principal designer and president of Ami Austin Interior Design, recently announced the opening and launching of P & B Design Source, a new design, furniture, and accessory studio in downtown Memphis. The new studio will provide a diverse resource of commercial and residential interior products for the interior design trade and the general consumer public. Austin also will be providing interior design consultations and planning at the studio for her clientele.

P & B Design Source is an independent business and subsidiary under the auspices of Ami Austin Interior Design, and is located in the Kerns-Wilcheck building. The P & B Design Source and Kerns-Wilcheck adjacent showrooms have created a new design district in and of themselves.

P & B Design Source will offer access to a range of furnishings, lighting, tile, area rugs, fabric, fine linen, artwork, architectural elements, flooring, and accessories from the nation’s top branded product lines and collections. The studio also will showcase a new bespoke line of merchandise personally designed by Austin under the brand name Parker Lauren by Ami Austin.

The studio will cater to the needs of the design trade, offering admittance and resources to interior design and architecture firms as well as independent freelance designers and decorators located in Memphis and the surrounding region.

Austin planned P & B Design Source to be an unparalleled inventory resource center for designers and architects with expansive residential projects in addition to those seeking finishing touches to complete interior design projects for their clientele.

“Our new P & B Design Source studio will provision designers with the resources and support they need to execute fully finished interiors with thousands of specialty product options,” says Austin. “I want designers to be inspired when they enter the studio in search of an elegant, world-class, and one-of-a-kind finished look for their projects.”

Support services will be offered to designers for a fee, upon request. “The P & B Design Source staff will provide assistance with design planning software such as AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp,” says Austin. “This will be helpful for designers who do not have the capability in-house, and for architects who require assistance to import their plans and project documents.”

Designer patrons will be awarded a commission for each product they source through the studio. Or, upon request, P & B Design Source can provide direct billing to designers’ clients for ordered items.

Phillip Jeffries, Fuse Lighting, Global Views, Century Furniture, and the Parker Lauren by Ami Austin custom-designed products are just a few among the variety of product lines that will be accessible at P & B Design Source. “The studio will offer many product sourcing choices and related support to designers with smaller ordering bandwidths on their own,” says Austin.

She believes the opening of P & B Design Source will add business and growth value to the City of Memphis. “By opening and hosting the studio, we will help build new business for the area in terms of design and remodeling,” Austin says. “The studio’s services can help generate sales and work in the fields of contracting, electrical, structural enhancements, and the design and renovation of homes and businesses.”

P & B Design Source is open at 667 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tenn., Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. Learn more about P & B Design For more information, visit

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