Made in Switzerland: Furniture, fashion & accessories

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Ifyou think about ‘Made in Switzerland’ you probably think about chocolates and cheese immediately. While this is absolutely fair, there are many more interesting products and brands to discover throughout the country – especially when it comes to furniture, fashion and accessories.

‘Swiss Made’ watches, for example, are world-renowned products which impress owners with their high quality and excellent craftsmanship. Brands such as Rolex, Swatch or Patek Philippe are some of the world’s best watch brands and there are even museums dedicated to the respective brands and the evolution of their watchmaking heritage. What makes Swiss watches so special is their details and the longevity these brands embody

Swiss fashion is still largely unknown at an international level, but that doesn’t mean that Swiss fashion brands and designers are any less talented than their German or Austrian counterparts. Some famous exports are Dorothée Vogel and Ida Gut, who both count amongst the country’s well-reputed fashion designers. Both their work combines a passion for beautiful clothes with fine materials and flattering lines. When you visit one of the country’s beautiful cities, you can explore some great fashion boutiques and designers which will probably not be merely an insider’s tip for much longer.

Besides beautiful fashion pieces and accessories, Switzerland has a vast array of beautiful furniture designs and designers on offer. Many of these designers put special emphasis on regionality, innovation and functionality – all characteristics that will make any piece a perfect eye-catcher!

These are only a few examples of how many fine ‘Swiss Made’ products actually exist. In the following special theme, we take a look at some other great brands in these fields. Get inspired!