Back to School Awards 2018: Best Tech and Academic Accessories

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Let’s face it, the most important part of going back to school is, in fact, going back to school. Which means you need to gear up for all your classes, internships, and extracurriculars with the latest and greatest (and some tried and true) gadgets and accessories. From the cloud service that’ll keep all your precious docs and pics perfectly safe to the smartphones that will keep you in touch with your friends and family to the binders that’ll keep you cheery as you take notes, we’ve got everything you need to start the school year on the right foot and ace all your classes first semester and beyond. Scroll through to see the devices and accessories that Teen Vogue editors chose as the best of back to school for 2018. We promise they’ll get you through every day as a student.

Best Smartphone — iOS


The release of the iPhone 8 Plus may have been met with less hype than the X, but right now we’re sticking with tried-and-true Apple faves (like the Home button). We still love the larger size and all its capabilities. It may not have Portrait mode on the front-facing camera, but that’s okay — our selfies are already #flawless.Buy It: Apple iPhone 8 Plus, $799,

Best Smartphone — Android


If you’re not on the iOS bandwagon, we may know a little green alien who wants to be your friend. Google’s Pixel 2 makes the mobile experience of all their apps your already using completely seamless (think Chrome, Photos, Gmail, Docs, Sheets…we could go on) plus its camera will make even your iPhone friends a little jeal.Buy It: Google Pixel 2, $649,

Best Laptop


Get you a laptop that can do it all. The Pixelbook is almost a tablet-computer hybridBuy It: Google Pixelbook, $899,


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Best Tablet


Usually a downgrade is a bad thing, but Apple took one our favorite iPad Pro features, the Pencil, and brought it to their new, lower-priced iPad just in time for back-to-school season. Now you can seamlessly switch from typed notes to drawn diagrams all without breaking a sweat or the bank.Buy It: Apple iPad, $329,

Best Laptop Case


You could just throw your laptop in your backpack and be done with it, or you could give it some TLC with this leather case from Madewell. Bonus: it’ll look good outside of your bag for when you’re just grabbing your computer, phone, and keys before you jog to class.Buy It: Madewell laptop case, $88,

Best Speakers


Be the room everyone wants to hang out in with a speaker that’ll pump your favorite tunes to every corner of your dorm.Buy It: Beats Pill+, $180,

Best Headphones


For when you have to study in your room while your roommate’s asleep (or having friends over) or when the library is just a little too quiet, these noise-canceling headphones make sure you stay in your own brain, and immersed in your own music, while getting your work done.Buy It: Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Canceling Wired Headphones, $169.99,

Best Printer


Running to the library every time you have to print your final paper is one option, but we much prefer having a high-quality printer on hand. HP’s all-in-one also connects to a mobile app, so that you can print, grab, and go as you’re running out the door.Buy It: HP Deskjet 3755, $59/$99,

Best Game Console


There aren’t many game consoles that are both portable and collaborative, but the Switch, with its detachable controllers makes it just as easy to play alone or with friends, anywhere you go.Buy It: Nintendo Switch, $299,

Best Entertainment System


When you have about five streaming services, it can be hard to keep track of where your new episodes are. Not only does the Apple TV keep all your services neat and tidy in one place, it’ll send you notifications so you never miss a chance to catch up on your favorite shows.Buy It: Apple TV 4K, from $179,

Best Wireless Charger


Apple may have just jumped aboard the wireless charging locomotive, but our friends at Ikea are ahead of the game. In addition to furniture that includes wireless chargers, their mats like this one will let you charge three devices all at once. So clutch.Buy It: Ikea Nordmarke, $59/$99,

Best Surge Protector


You’re running your laptop, your monitor, you need to plug in your phone…oh and your roommate is doing the same. Make sure there are enough outlets for everyone with this swiveling surge protector that not only provides 6 outlets but 2 USB ports as well.Buy It: Rocketfish 6-outlet/2-USB swivel wall tap surge protector, $39.99,

Best Portable Charger


A horror story in six words: My phone ran out of battery. Protect yourself from losing touch with this Mophie charger that can add up to 22 hours of power to your device.Buy It: Mophie Powerstation Plus, $79.99,

Best Cloud Membership


You’re already using Gmail and Drive to collaborate with your classmates, so why not make it your primary storage? Our favorite part is Google Photos – install the app on your phone to automatically back up all your photos so you never have to worry about running out of storage again.Buy It: Google Drive, $1.99/month for 100 GBs,

Best Music Streaming


Spotify Premium’s student deal is only $4.99 a month — and that includes limited commercial Hulu, too. Need we say more?Buy It: Spotify Premium, from $4.99,

Best Film Streaming


TBH we already assume you have Netflix, but if you’re looking for something to add to your streaming repertoire, we’d pick Hulu any day. Not only can you keep (almost) up to date with your favorite shows airing each week, now with their additional packages like Live TV and HBO Now, you can truly get all the TV you could possibly want. Just try to get some studying done, too.Buy It: Hulu, from $7.99/month,

Best Binders


Your notes may be boring but your binders don’t have to be. These colorful binders also ensure that you’ll never misplace them in your bag or under a pile of clothes on your bed.Buy It: Greenroom 1” 3-ring binder with hard cover, $5.94,

Best Notebooks


No need to fill your backpack with a notebook for every class — just carry a few of these (which come with a pocket to store all those annoying handouts) and you’ll have all your subjects covered, without too much back strain.Buy It: Poppin 3-Subject Pocket Spiral Notebook, $10,

Best Water Bottle


S’well’s sleek water bottles are ubiquitous for a reason — they keep your water cold for 24 hours, look cute enough to carry literally everywhere, and prevent you from stocking up on disposable plastic. Win, win, win.Buy It: S’well Bottle, $25,

Best Travel Mug


You don’t often hear people raving about a thermos, but this one is an exception. Do a quick search and you’ll find that Zojirushi’s creation will keep your coffee hot all day and your water ice cold, all without spilling a single drop in your tote or backpack.Buy It: Zojirushi Stainless thermal mug, $40,

Best Luggage


You’re gonna need something to take you from your parents’ house to the dorm, off to spring break, and back home with all your dirty laundry. We love this two-piece set because it gives you options for whatever type of travel you’re planning and the hard sides mean your precious items won’t be getting squished along the way.