12 of the most awesome Raspberry Pi accessories

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Pan-Tilt HAT

Pan-Tilt HAT

Forget having to use a fixed camera in your Pi projects by giving it pan-and-tilt motion using this ready-assembled module that fits right on top of the Pi.

  • Pan-tilt module (180 degrees motion through each axis) with two servos
  • HAT with two servo channels, one PWM or NeoPixel RGB (or RGBW) LED channel
  • Right-angled header pre-soldered to underside of HAT for servo and LED channels
  • Slot to route servo, LED, and camera cables through
  • Acrylic mount to hold Pi camera and NeoPixel strip (with diffuser) in place
  • Comes fully assembled

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, and Zero W.

Price: $41.75 | More information

Published: May 2, 2018 — 11:18 GMT (16:48 IST)Caption by: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes