Choose the Best Typography for Your Nashville Promotion

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Before jumping into choosing the best typography for your design, it’s key to understand what exactly typography, typeface and font are. This will help you better select which style you want your promotion to portray.

First, what is typography?

Typography is the design and arrangement of type. And, type is printed characters that make words.

What is typeface?

Graphic designer Kareen Liez states, “…typeface refers to the consistent visual appearance or style of a font. You need to select typefaces that suit the theme of your design. Typeface is divided into two main categories, the Serif Font and the Sans Serif Font.”

A serif font will have tails on each character while a sans serif font does not. The most commonly known serif font is Times New Roman.

Lastly, what is a font?

A font refers to a characters specific size or style of your combination of typeface. For example, 12pt bolded Helvetica is the font. Helvetica by itself is the typeface. And, when a design is complete, you can see the typography.

With all of this information, you can start to determine what typeface and font is good for your design. Are you making a flyer for a concert? Then, try a sans serif typeface, bold it and make it larger. If you are designing a brochure then try something easier to read like a serif font.

The great thing is that your options are endless. Any little adjustment can make your Nashville promotion speak volumes.