GoDaddy Sitelock Partnership Yields Two New Security Features for Small Business Sites

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The GoDaddy SiteLock partnership has expanded to provide small businesses a more comprehensive security offering including firewall and CDN services.

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), a popular internet domain registrar and web hosting company, this week announced that it has expanded its partnership with cloud-based website security solutions company SiteLock. The aim is to provide small businesses a more comprehensive security offering.

As part of the expanded partnership with SiteLock, GoDaddy will now offer two new website security features, TrueShield WAF and TrueSpeed CDN. The new features are designed to “make it easier for small business owners to protect their websites, while still operating smoothly.”

New Offerings from the GoDaddy SiteLock Partnership

TrueShield WAF (web application firewall) key features and benefits include:

  • Simple setup: GoDaddy says this cloud-based WAF has automated setup to add a layer of protection against malicious website traffic.
  • Proactive protection: The feature is intended to ensure that your customer information and published website content are protected from common attacks including cross site scripting and SQL injections.
  • Prevention: GiDaddy says the feature also means website content will be protected from potentially harmful spam comments and backdoor access to website files will be blocked.

Meanwhile, TrueSpeed CDN (content delivery network) key features and benefits include:

  • Better performance: GoDaddy says the service will improve your website’s loading times, in turn improving its SEO ranking.
  • Better reliability: The company claims CDN serves as an extra safety net in case of a server overload.
  • Better user experience: Finally, the fast-loading and reliable website that results should reduce bounce rates and keep more visitors on your site for longer.

“Many people may assume that security breaches only happen to large corporations, but in reality small businesses are just as vulnerable to attacks as any other business,” said Wayne Thayer, Vice President of Security at GoDaddy in a press release announcing the new products. “Our partnership with SiteLock arms those business owners with tools that make it easy for them to keep their websites secure, and ensure they continue to perform quickly and reliably.”