HP launches new Omen line of gaming laptops, computers, and add-ons

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HP Omen Desktop gaming PC towers

HP is getting lower back into the gaming international with a new line of products known as Omen. The Omen collection will function laptops, computers, and accessories focused throughout one-of-a-kindfee levels, from less expensive notebooks up to highergive up towers for severe gamers with quite a few disposable profits.

the line is kicking off nowadays with the statement of four products: laptops, a tower, and a display. For the most element, those first merchandise are beginning in the direction of the better quit of themarketplace.

The Omen series leads off with laptops certainly referred to as the Omen. they are equal black notebooks with crimson highlights — sorry, “dragon crimson” highlights, according to HP — round every key and at the lid. HP’s brand most effective indicates up on the internal; as an alternative, the lower back of the laptops display a strange red diamond that appears vaguely gamery… or tribal… or something.

HP Omen laptop
there’s certainly a bit of history here: pc game enthusiasts may additionally properly recognize the diamond as an inversion of the old VoodooPC logo. HP acquired VoodooPC in 2006 and has in view thatcompleted away with its name. Now it appears that evidently HP is making an attempt to convey thebrand lower back, not in call however in spirit. that is objectively now not a terrific logo, but HP isgenuinely hoping gamers nevertheless have a few recognition of and admire for the machines it adorns.

the two Omen laptops are differentiated through length and specs. The smaller model has a 15.6-inchshow and starts with one of Intel’s middle i3 processors; the bigger version has a 17.3-inch show andbegins with an i5 processor. each may be configured with up to an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 965M GPU, and a 4K show.

15.6 omen by means of hp with new logo brand on screen the front facing.0

Pricing begins at $899.99 for the smaller model and $979.ninety nine for the larger version. each will beto be had starting July tenth. (Oh, and if you‘re wondering: yes, the Omen call changed into brought onevery other gaming laptop — and a mouse and for a few purpose a backpack — years ago. today marks Omen’s expansion into a bigger brand intended to embody all future HP gaming merchandise.)

The Omen desktop will comply with in August. HP hasn’t announced full specs or pricing yet, but you may count on some thing as a minimum as highly-priced and probable plenty extra high priced.

The tower will use the smaller microATX form factor and provide alternatives like Nvidia’s Founders versionphotos cards and water cooling. at some stage in a briefing, HP spoke significantly approximatelydesigning the Omen desktop to be an excellent device for VR gaming, so even the machine‘s base specsare purported to be powerful enough for an amazing experience.

HP Omen computer gaming pc towers
evidently, considering it is a gaming system, the Omen laptop can even have glowing LEDs. those will,unfortunately, not be seen at the same time as in VR.

The Omen desktop will pop out someday this August. So will the Omen line’s first display, referred to asthe HP 32 show. it’s a 32-inch Quad HD display promising a 5-millisecond reaction time and a 75Hz refreshrate. it’s licensed with AMD’s FreeSync to reduce stutter. No pricing on that but either.

HP 32 show
HP’s plan is to hold constructing out the Omen line and name, making all of its gaming products beneaththe Omen brand going forward. Doing so method having to compete with DIY builders and lots of otherexisting and respected gaming manufacturers. It already squandered that danger once whilst it basicallydid away with VoodooPC; however we are looking at a very special HP today it’s focused closely oncustomer hardware. For now, as a minimum, it is promising that this time could be one of a kind.