WEEGO’S ALL-NEW add-ons FOR soar beginning, CHARGING AND POWERING SAE gadgets

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Weego SAE 12V DC Adapter

Weego PowerSports Tether
Weego, innovator of portable bounce starters and rechargeable battery packs, has just introduced 3 all-new accessories: Marine/automobile Tether, Powersports Tether and SAE 12V DC Adapter. The addition of those new accessories make jump starting a great deal less difficult, more handy and increase thecapability of the present soar Starter line.
The Marine/auto and Powersports Tethers are 24-inch lengthy cables that connect permanently to avehicle’s battery terminals. The tethers allow users the capability to jump start or trickle charge without having to directly get right of entry to the vehicle’s battery terminals, which can be tough to attain onsome cars, boats, motorcycles, private watercrafts, and all-terrain motors. The consumer truly attaches the eyelet jewelry to every of the terminal posts and positions the cable’s leap beginning jack – that is builtinto the alternative quit – for clean get right of entry to while needed. covered with the tethers is an SAE trickle price adapter which converts the tether’s soar starting jack right into a wellknown SAE connector foreveryday battery preservation.

safety is constantly a pinnacle priority for Weego, so both tethers come trendy with an inline fuse and diode to protect the automobile and Weego leap starter from drawing an excessive amount of cutting-edge or connecting cables in reverse in the course of a bounce start. If the user over cranks their ride, Weego is on their side — shutting them down earlier than something awful occurs. The Marine/automobileTether has a four hundred-amp fuse and 10 mm eyelet jewelry making it clean to connect with a hugeautomobile or marine battery. The Powersports Tether has a two hundred-amp fuse and 6 mm connectors designed particularly for bike and powersports batteries. both tethers make the leap beginning methodsafe and easy.
one of the cool capabilities of our SAE trickle charge adapter is the climate-resistant cap that covers the SAE end. We propose retaining the adapter connected to the tether so the working give up stayssmooth and at-the-ready”, says Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego. “Motorcyclists will particularly respect thissince greater instances than not, the tether will be exposed outdoor the motorbike’s seat.”
Weego SAE 12V DC Adapter
Courtesy of Weego
Weego SAE 12V DC Adapter
The SAE 12V DC Adapter is a 15-inch long cable that connects to the 12V accessory port of the Heavyresponsibility or expert jump Starter Battery+. It presents power to an SAE connector for an expansion of different 12V devices like heated garb, air compressors, GPS, fish finders, trailer lighting, and greater. Thisaccessory is outstanding for the “do-it-yourselfer” who needs transportable, SAE energy and doesn’t haveaccess to an SAE connector on a boat, car or truck. The SAE 12V DC Adapter comes with a replaceable 10-amp inline fuse.
we are very excited to announce the supply of those 3 new accessories to the prevailing bounce starteraccent lineup. an amazing range of Weego customers attest that gaining access to the battery on manymotorcycles, boats and ATVs can be a huge headache, so our tethers are designed to make jump startingand trickle charging those machines rapid and clean,” said Toscani. “the new SAE 12V DC Adapter is aneed to-have for any extreme motorist that has the need to energy portable electronics with SAE connections constructed in. by way of taking note of our customers throughout marine, car, powersports and outside markets, we’re able to make products that virtually increase the application of our Weegoleap starter line.”
The Marine/vehicle and Powersports Tethers have an SRP of $29.ninety nine and come with an SAE trickleprice adapter plug. each tethers are compatible with the standard and Heavy obligation bounce Starter Battery+ fashions. The SRP for the SAE 12V DC Adapter is $9.ninety nine and is designed to feature with the Weego Heavy duty and professional leap starters.
those 3 products are in addition to the lately released Weego add-ons: 12V DC Adapter and OBDII 12Vreminiscence Saver.
All add-ons are actually available at www.myweego.com and at principal online and brick-and-mortarretailers national.
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Weego is a brand of portable energy merchandise consisting of compact, lightweight, lithium-polymerleap starters for cars, vehicles, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and extra, complementary bounce starteraccessories, in addition to rechargeable battery packs that price telephones, tablets, speakers, andgreater. founded in 2014 by way of Paris enterprise, Weego has already obtained awards in product innovation and branding excellence in customer electronics, vehicle, marine and workplace supplychannels. For extra than 50 years, Paris company has constructed a popularity on fine stationerymerchandise and amazing service and assist, serving greater than 30 years inside the food, drug, mass,consumer electronics and hardware channels.