Jessica Minh Anh looks stunning in Pakistani designer’s collection

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Model Jessica Minh Anh in a dress by Amera. Photo Courtesy: JMM Paris

Supermodel Jessica Minh Anh looks dazzling in Pakistani designer Syeda Amera’s new collection in a photo shoot in the iconic city of Venice in Italy.

It was organised by global catwalk production company, JMM Paris.

Anh, a model-turned-show director, is all set to lead a dramatic fashion show and shoot at the historic Hoover Dam in the US next month. Amera has been a constant at Anh’s ground-breaking fashion presentations and will be joining Anh for the fifth such event.

Designer Syeda Amera represents Pakistan in Paris

The designer will represent South Asia and showcase her collection on Hoover Dam walkway, which will be turned into a catwalk for the event.

Jessica Minh Anh (L) with Syeda Amera.

Last year in another such collaboration with Anh, Amera’s creations were showcased on a 100-metre floating catwalk, perched atop Paris’s Siene River. She was given coverage by major international outlets including Vogue and Elle UK.

In 2016, Amera had also joined Anh on her inimitable catwalks on the Hudson River in New York, the solar power plant Gemasolar in Spain and Costa Luminosa’s sundeck in Sydney, Australia.

Here are some stunning pictures from Amera’s Venice photo shoot courtesy of JMM Paris.




Model Jessica Minh Anh. Photo Courtesy: JMM Paris