6 Ways Our Restaurant Experiences Get Ruined By Social Media

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In our series of ranting against how social media has crept up into all facets of our lives with no sign of leaving soon, we are now against a crusade on behalf of that lot of people who believe in enjoying their food rather than going crazy over it with their phone cameras. This is for that lot of people who truly believe that savouring each bite of deliciousness wins over flatlays of brunch!

So here are 6 ways we believe everyone has begun to ruin food because of social media.

1. Good Food Is Really Pretty
This is a double edged sword because if it is too pretty shouldn’t we take a picture of it?! You should, and trust us the chef will be only too happy that the art they have carefully created is getting recognition. But you possibly cannot take picture of every dish you eat at every restaurant and put it up on social media every single time. Eventually even the pretty food will start looking mundane! Plus if there is something that pretty in front of you, wait a while, observe it, and marvel in the happiness that looks and tastes so good!

2. Snapping Pictures Takes Too Much Time  You know that odd, really funny feeling when you see your food arrive and you aren’t sighing in relief that your hunger will be satiated. No, you are actually waiting to get up from your seat, arrange every little bit of food to form a frame and proceed to click click click. Have you ever stopped to wonder how that looks? To literally just stand over a table clicking 80 shots till you get that one thing right?!

3. Food Gets Cold
Fun fact – while you were doing the above thing your steaming hot soup got cold, your hipster salad got soggy, your linguine got rubbery. Did you really want that? No you didn’t because you are paying to eat this food for multilayered satisfaction, not to get likes for a picture you took. Trust as you will feel bitter by the end of the meal if you couldn’t enjoy your food properly!

4. What If Your Pretty Food Isn’t Tasty? 
Sure you ordered that really good looking dish with so many colourful components, but did it even taste that good? Imagine going through the pain of selecting a restaurant because of how the food looks there, and is styled to only realize that it tastes a little off. That would be such a travesty. But thanks to social media, we are all ready to even take that risk!

5. It Is Annoying To All The Other Patrons
Yes we live in a world where we should do as we please without inhibitions or fear of judgement but forget those who are at the restaurant as well but also those who are eating the meal with you. Because out of politeness, they don’t eat till you don’t, and it is pretty annoying to them. So give them respite and don’t always make them wait.

6. Your Page Looks Like You Are A Chef And You Aren’t
Or a food blogger for that matter. So basically you are just taking pictures of a skill that you don’t have. And yes it sounds terrible when we say it -but that is the truth. If your feed is all about food without you doing anything but eating it, and clicking it, you are trying to come across as something you really aren’t!

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