Wearable Typography Is Here

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The jewelry line Bande des Quatres is a family affair: New York-based designer Erin Wahed conceptualizes each piece and her mother, Montreal-based jeweler Janis Kerman, realizes them. Since 2010, when the pair launched the line with a collection of Bauahus-themed rings, each of Bande des Quatres’ collections has been inspired by an artistic movement or practice. The latest line, which launches today, features linear and graphic qualities influenced by renowned typographers throughout history.

There are the Adrian earrings, for example, inspired by Adrian Frutiger’s typeface Avenir (you might recognize it from Apple Maps, the city of Amsterdam’s corporate branding, or the signage in the Hong Kong airport). “Avenir definitely has that rounded feel,” Wahed says of the geometric, sans serif type reflected in her two-pieced earrings composed of a semi-circle and a line. Other pieces in the collection are reminiscent of particular letters—such as the Jonathan earring, named for Jonathan Hoefler, the founder of Hoefler Type Foundry (and one half of the late, great Hoefler & Frere-Jones) which looks like an abstracted “I.” There’s also the Veronika earring, named for Veronika Burian’s Maiola font, which resembles a “J.”

Besides earrings, the collection also includes sleek angular necklaces and chunky metallic rings. If you’re someone who can recognize a font anywhere, you’ll want to wear your favorite typographer—even if you’re the only one who knows it.

The jewelry in the Typography collection ranges from $95 for a set of earrings to $395 for a large ring, and can all be purchased on Bande des Quatres’ website.