LG G5 Teardown Reveals a Lot of Plastic on Supposed ‘All-Metal’ Smartphone

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LG G5 Teardown Reveals a Lot of Plastic on Supposed 'All-Metal' Smartphone

A teardown video of the LG G5 has surfaced on YouTube claiming that the smartphone, which at launched was marketed as an “all-metal” phone, may pack more plastic than actual metal.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything posted a video of an LG G5 teardown where he took apart the smartphone. While he found that the LG G5 scored well in terms of repairability, on checking the build discovered that the handset sported a thin layer of metal (aluminium) which was supplemented by a thick plastic layer. The YouTuber took a knife to shave away the back to reveal only pure plastic until he reached deep inside the phone.

The LG G5 has already wowed critics and users alike with its innovative removable battery and modular design, the surprising ans deceptive plastic layering however may become a deal breaker for some users considering there are plenty of all-metal phones available in the market.As we mentioned earlier, according to JerryRigEverything, the LG G5 scores well in repairability. “If you break the screen on your LG G5 smart phone, it is actually pretty simple to disassemble and replace. There is no glue or sealed parts that need special tools to remove,” he said.

To recall, LG’s flagship G5 went on sale in South Korea starting Thursday while users in the US could grab the handset starting Friday. LG had confirmed that it would launch the G5 flagship smartphone in India in the next quarter.

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The biggest highlight of the new LG G5 flagship is the modules or add-ons called the LG Friends, meant to signify the companion devices that can be attached to the G5. LG Cam Plus is a camera module that adds physical buttons for camera operations along with expanding the total battery capacity to 4000mAh. The Hi-Fi Plus module, co-developed by Bang & Olufsen, is a portable Hi-Fi DAC which can be used as a standalone portable DAC or with the G5 to enable 32-bit audio playback. The South Korean company can also be expected to showcase the companion devices in India with the LG G5 including LG 360 VR, LG 360 CAM, LG Rolling Bot, LG Tone Platinum, H3 by B&O Play, LG Smart Controller, and LG Friends Manager.

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