Logicdata adding digital accessories to its lineup

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DEUTSCHLANDSBERG, Austria — Fast-growing Logicdata will be adding digital accessories next year and sees more growth ahead for its adjustable bed base line.10 - Johannes Gradwohl, Logicdata

That’s the assessment of Johannes Gradwohl, CEO of Logicdata, which operates a U.S. subsidiary in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Logicdata will continue on the path of creating exciting products for the demands of today’s consumers,” he said. “To start 2020, we will be showcasing new digital accessories to add to our line-up as well as seeking to reach different segments of the adjustable bed market with our current portfolio.

“In addition to this, we’ll put more of a focus on educating our customers and potential customers about the changing demands from consumers and how our products can help them adjust to the consumers of today.”