A note to Shiva by Ashima Leena at AIFW

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Designer Leena Singhshowcased her Charukesha collection at the Fall Winter installment of Amazon India Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by blue pottery and Shiva’s jatadhari edifice that visually reflected in the collection. Overall, the collection was a mix of sculptured skirts, pashmina blouses, tribal gilets and asymmetric kurtas.

Charukesha, in broader terms signifies an opulent twist conjured by interweaving motifs that adorn the architectural realms of Khiva, exhausting the influence of blue pottery and the vivid radiance of Shiva in his jatadhari edifice that comes to the fore in a visual ode to it.

The palette of the collection descends rapidly through the iridescence of indigo and into an impermanence of blue, as pansy purples and turquoise are greeted by a contradiction of anthracite and eggshell, and hints of vermillion; like motifs that have withdrawn themselves into the Iznik tiled minarets of an ever traveling caravan of print exaggeration giving birth to a dimension of modernism that is captured through delicately sculptured skirts, quaint pashmina blouses, tribal gilets, asymmetric kurtas and deftly composed sarees that are juxtaposed with scaled metal details, luxe stone embellishments and appliques painstakingly crafted to mark an excursion of patterns overlaid with yards of French tulle.