Tired of Sitting All Day? 5 Accessories That Convert Your Desk to a Standing Desk

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Improve your desk with these standing desk accessories

There are all kinds of jobs in the world, but for many people, their job includes sitting at a desk for eight or more hours per day. However, recent studies have shown that spending that much time sitting every day is bad for your health and can increase your chance of heart attacks, dementia, and a host of other complications. To remedy this concern, many offices have embraced the concept of the standing desk—a workspace that allows you to take intermittent breaks from sitting by raising your desk to a standing position. But to make your desk effective in any position, you might need these five accessories.

AIRLIFT 36” Gas-Spring Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The first thing you need to outfit your desk is an actual adjustable height desk. While there are numerous ones on the market, the AIRLIFT model is one of the most popular styles on Amazon. The 36-inch wide riser is large enough to comfortably fit two monitors on the top level while the lower tier is the perfect dedicated place for your keyboard. Most importantly, this particular model offers a wide adjustable height range from a starting point of 6.2 inches to a fully extended height of 19.1 inches to accommodate taller users. The desk converter is gas-spring loaded, making the transition process easy for anyone to manage with minimal effort.

Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat

Standing might be better for your health, but that doesn’t mean that your feet and legs won’t get tired. And that means you’re going to need an anti-fatigue mat to make adjusting to your new standing desk easier. This particular mat features a non-slip base and an ergonomically designed massaging layer to help soothe tired feet. This mat goes to the next level by combining that massage layer with a slightly curved balance trainer that allows for up to an 8.5-degree tilt. The tilting qualities allow for you to keep your entire body active while using your standing desk. The standing desk anti-fatigue mat can support weights of up to 320 pounds.

Headphone Stand with USB Charger

Nothing’s worse than a cluttered desk littered with items that you don’t need to use right now. And whether you have a standing or traditional desk, this COZOO headphone stand is the perfect accessory. The stand mounts under your desk to allow for a low profile and a cleaner desk. More importantly, the headphone stand has a built-in 3-port USB charger to allow for multiple devices. Additionally, the dual-sided stand can hold two pairs of headphones or even your smartwatches.

Clamp On 360 Degrees Swivel Out Mouse Tray with Storage

Depending on the standing desk you choose, you might find that your desk space for computer accessories could be limited. Or, even if you do have a desk with enough built-in space, you might be the type with so many additional accessories that you need more space. Whichever camp best fits your style, this 360-degree swivel out tray is ideal for providing easy access to essential items that help improve your productivity. Most importantly, installing this swivel tray is easy, requires no tools or leave holes in the side of your desk.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool

Can a seat serve as a workout? It can if it’s an active chair like this Gaiam balance ball chair stool. With an adjustable height range from 22 to 33 inches, this chair actively works your back and core to help strengthen essential muscles while providing support where needed. Rather than a traditional high backed desk chair, the balance ball chair stool features an inflatable half ball that offers a full 360-degree swivel for a full range of motion.