How two designers maintained a long-distance relationship through typography

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Nei Valente moved to São Paulo and Kate Cullinane stayed in New York.  They spent the summer sending self-made postcards to each other – which became this beautiful collection.

You’re a New Zealand designer living in New York. You meet another designer from Brazil. You have four magical months together, and then he has to leave to Brazil for a year. What do you do?

This is the story of Kate Cullinane and Nei Valente. Instead of ending all hopes of a relationship because of distance, the couple decided to stay connected and embark on a year long project that allowed them to continue their passion for typography.

Kate and Nei took photos of letters they spotted on the streets and on signs while out and about in New York and São Paulo. They printed the photographs onto postcards and sent them back and forth to each other in alphabetical order.

Posting Letters may seem cheesy at first, but the collection beautifully captures the expressive creative culture of both cities, and the precious moment in time in which each letter was noticed.

From Atlantic Avenue station on the way to see the Brooklyn Nets play at Barclays Centre, to a protest sign against the rise of public transport in São Paulo, the project reflects what happened over the summer in two very different cities for both designers.

Now the project has ended, but the pair still live in different cities. Kate is now based in São Francisco working as a designer at Apple. New is based in New York and working at Brand Union.