Unworded brings its Twisted Typography to Android

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Each Thursday we get dozens of new games on the Play Store, some better than others. Unworded is easily the best of the bunch this week in our minds, and a game we think you’ll enjoy as well if you want a puzzler that pulls on the heartstrings.

Unworded is a puzzler, but it’s one with a story. You play a man who can control words in an interesting way. He can move letters to create objects which is what you’ll use to make your way through the game. Things will start out easily enough by making an umbrella to stop a downpour. As you’d expect, things get trickier as get dig deeper into the game and story in general.

Without giving too much away, the hero of this tale has an accident which unlocks the power of his mind. When he’s in “story” mode, you’ll need to create items from letters to progress the story. There are hints the with each puzzle, but not in the usual sense. If you get stuck, you’re stuck with this one. Yes, you can always turn to ye old faq, but that will suck the fun out of things.


Minimalistic and atmospheric are the first two words to come to mind with Unworded. It is a sparse but effective puzzler that sucks you into the world of the game while putting a twist on your brain. It is also tough enough to stump plenty of gamers, so it should keep folks busy for a while. Bento’s Unworded is priced at $3.99 on Google Play if you want to give it a whirl.