Use the Internet to Grow Your Business

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5 Smart Ways to Use the Internet to Grow Your Business

When businesses talk about using the internet to increase business most people think about creating an online marketplace. While an online marketplace is now a necessity, there are other ways to utilize the power of the internet to make your business more powerful. Read on for a couple of ways the internet can make your business better.

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You’ve got a website. You’ve got email. The fact is, there are times when you still need to be able to speak to a customer or supplier by phone. VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. While that may sound intimidating, the idea is simple. You’re already paying for the internet, so save money and run your phone system through it as well. Not only will you cut out all the surcharges and add-ons from a traditional phone line, but you are also buying into a more flexible phone model. You can access it anywhere there is internet and it still registers as your business line. This is especially helpful for small businesses where you don’t want to purchase separate phones for the business.

Social Media

Never underestimate the pull of social media. Even if you think your business doesn’t fit comfortably online, do a quick Google search and you will find photos and videos about your business. Even having just a Twitter account can help with branding and style. Consider a remodeling business. Creating a YouTube video on how you do your job might help some people do it themselves, but it is more likely that viewers will see the amount of work it entails and call someone. Now that they’ve seen the quality of your work and have a parasocial relationship, you are the company they are likely to call.

Utilizing the internet to its capacity means thinking outside the box. Not only should you consider the value of the technology itself but the ways it can connect you to potential clients.