Yonomi Brings Simplicity and Intuition to the Connected Home

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This week Yonomi announced the availability of Yonomi version 1.2 for iOS and Android.  This is the largest update to the renowned Yonomi connected home automation app since it was originally launched in November 2014 (Android) and July 2015 (iOS).  It greatly elevates the connected home experience.

Evolution of Connected Life

Incredible new connected products are streaming into consumers lives and that’s a very good thing.  But it’s had some unintended consequences, namely that the more devices you have the more attention you must give to programming them or interacting with them.  You need a better way.  Yonomi was founded on the principle of simplifying your connected life.  And with this latest release, we’ve evolved that experience significantly.

Automating your devices together in concert is part of the story and Yonomi does this in an intuitive and powerful way.  Yonomi offers up personalized Routine recommendations that leverage the wisdom of the crowds to suggest how to get the most use out of your things.

Taking the concept of intuitive interfaces further, we have added some important new capabilities to Yonomi.

In our aspiration to make your connected home experience simple and intuitive, Yonomi has always believed that the less you have to pull out your phone, the better.  The most intuitive interface in the world is voice and the Amazon Echo voice assistant has taken the world by storm.  This simple and amazing voice assistant has opened up great possibilities for the connected home.  Using Yonomi and Echo together is a real game changer and that integration officially becomes available today.  Now our users can easily make all of their devices, routines and favorites controllable from Echo.  A simple spoken phrase like “Alexa, turn on My Morning Motivation Routine” can start the coffee, warm the house, play the weather report and turn on some music.

alexa with text

While The Echo integration is a major enhancement for how users can interact with Yonomi, the new Yonomi app update provides another great interface, phone widgets. Widgets allow you to access your Yonomi Favorites without unlocking your phone.  Just swipe down on your lock screen and your Favorites are at your fingertips.

smart phone

Yonomi is always looking for ways to extend the reach of our powerful and intuitive connected home experience.  Today we support over 60 of the most popular connected home devices, across multiple ecosystems.  And we’re adding new ones all the time.

Schlage, a leader in high quality and beautiful locks, has made a strong move into residential connected locks with the Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense products. Connected locks are quite literally the gateway to the connected home experience.  By locking or unlocking your door upon arrival or departure from your home you are declaring explicit intent for the state of your home – present or away.  So the simple, intuitive effect of unlocking your Schlage Connect via your personal entry code can now trigger a Yonomi“arrive home” routine that starts playing your music playlist over Sonos, sets the Nest to your preferred temperature and tunes the lights to your preference given the time of day.


Lighting is the next connected home category that can greatly enhance our mood and comfort.  Yonomi is thrilled to add the full suite of LIFX WiFi connected bulbs to the Yonomifamily.  The LIFX line of user friendly and highly customizable connected bulbs has created a cult following among consumers and Yonomi has received countless pleas from our users to add support for LIFX.  We believe our joint users will be thrilled with the resulting integration which can precisely tune the color and warmth of your lights in conjunction with your broader connect home experience.


Yonomi has made dozens of other enhancement in this major release to further enhance simplicity and intuitiveness of the connected life.  You’ve got to experience it to appreciate it.  The free app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Guest Article By:Joey Pomerenke at Yonomi.