3D Printed Houses Show the Power of Technology and Big Ideas (Watch)

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automated selfie stick3D printing isn’t just a cool way for people to manufacture small parts and little plastic objects. It can actually work on a large scale too.

Groups are currently testing large-scale 3D printers to have them build housing for people in impoverished areas. They’re using local materials like mud and straw, so the process doesn’t cost much and is environmentally friendly. In fact, it may even be possible to build houses for about $50.

This shows the massive potential that scaling an idea can have. Many small businesses already know about 3D printing and the different applications it can have for things like prototyping and building small items out of little plastic parts. But this idea takes that same technology and uses it in a much bigger way.

In fact, this technology might just help solve some of the world’s poverty issues. So just imagine the possibilities it could have for small businesses that are willing to think big when it comes to new technology.

New Technologies Create New Business Opportunities

It doesn’t have to just be 3D printing either. There are so many new tech innovations making an impact on the business world. So there’s so much potential for finding different uses for all that technology in your business.

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