5 Best Foyer Mirror Ideas

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Foyer area the most paramount area of the house is the focal point to any one entering your home. Hence you ought to add an exclusive element in the foyer to make it look alluring. Your foyer area has to be the best and here are 5 best foyer mirror ideas for you.

Mirrors are always a go to option in the foyer area. Mirrors always reflect light and make the area look bigger and brighter. Wall mirrors at the entrance of a house will serve both for decorative purpose and for you to look in at the last minute before you leave. Mirrors come in various design and sizes.

The general question usually people ask is how big should a foyer mirror be? Usually when you are placing it above a console table or a sideboard it should ideally be 8 inches less than the console.

Oval Wall Mirror

If you are installing only the mirror , then it can be a huge mirror in modern, venetian, contemporary or abstract design. Here are 5 best foyer mirror ideas for you to choose from:

The above venetian mirror style oval mirror, you can place it over a console or without. Anyways it will make the space look grand. Opt for this option if your interiors are venetian or contemporary.

Oval mirrors usually occupy less space so if you are having limited space then this oval mirror is ideal for you.

Rectangle Wall Mirror

You can also place a rectangle mirror in the foyer area of your home if your entrance wall is big enough. Rectangle mirrors being wider reflect more light and will make the room appear bigger and brighter. Opt for this type of mirror in the picture above if your interiors are modern.

If your interiors are venetian and contemporary there are many designs available online.

Round Wall Mirror

Round Mirrors also occupy less space and make the wall look decorative and appealing.

There are various types of mirrors like metal mirrors, venetian mirrors, decorative mirrors available. Entranceway mirrors have to be attractive and decorative as one sets an eye on it first on entering your home and it has to reflect your beautiful house.

Square Wall Mirror

Instead of just placing one mirror on the wall, combination panel of mirrors can be put in various pattern and designs. These simple square mirrors when placed in a combination of 6 look appealing and elegant yet adding a luxurious feel to the foyer area.

Once you get bored with this design you can also change the setting pattern of these mirrors.

Designer Wall Mirror

Adding designer mirror like this which is abstract in design with a modern look gives the small area of the foyer a wider look. These wall mirrors also create a wall art effect with the zig zag design on it. You can also place these in your living room for decore purpose.

Hope these 5 foyer mirror ideas help you in deciding the perfect mirror for your home