Amazon Prime Day Sale: Top five car accessories with stupendous discounts to improve your in-cabin experience

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Amazon Prime Day is here! And there’s a load of neat stuff to bring home at deals so attractive, however, we’re a motoring website so we won’t be talking about discounts on shoes or lipsticks. You may have an older generation car that does not have an infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but there are accessories to provide for some of the functions that modern cars can perform. Hence, we’ve put together five neat accessories for your car which are currently listed on Amazon India’s website. The discounts range from 40% to 60% on these accessories which are sure to make your in-cabin experience a wee bit better. So, here goes:

Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

If you happen to own a car which doesn’t have a fancy infotainment system and hence it doesn’t allow Bluetooth connectivity, there’s one aftermarket accessory to make that happen. Bluetooth connectivity, in all honesty, has become a necessity in cars these days. When was the last time you used a CD for music? And even loading a pen drive with music is a hassle. Buy one of these Bluetooth receivers, plug it into the 3.5 mm jack and play anything you want through your smartphone.

Bluetooth, FM & USB

Another great option is a Bluetooth FM Transmitter which combines Bluetooth, USD ports, hands-free calling and more. Moreover, the accessory we found on Amazon also comes with a ‘Car Locator’ smartphone app and the device acts as a GPS device – something that will come in handy when you leave your car in parking or in the unfortunate event of its getting stolen.

JBL Speaker System

Now let’s talk about the real deal, JBL speaker system for cars is on a 35% discount, costing about Rs 6500. If you haven’t heard JBL performance, we assure you these bad boys including a woofer will make the music listening experience far superior in your car.

Dash cams

Dash cams aren’t very popular in India… yet. These little cameras can come in very handy on highways and city roads if you come across a maniac who’s indulging in road rash. The one we found has a discount of 38%. It’ll also help if you’re going to loan your car to a friend or don’t want your driver to deviate from the route you asked them to take.

Roav by Anker dashcam launched in India at Rs 5,490: Built-in Wi-Fi, smartphone app & parking mode

Smartphone holder

Don’t have an infotainment system that supports navigation in your car? The little problem is fixable through a little accessory on which your smartphone can be mounted for ease of access. There’s a whopping 77% discount on the one we found. These are only examples of the kind of stuff you can buy on the Amazon Prime Day sale. Sift through more of such deals to make the best of it. Happy Amazoning to you.