Covid-19 Effect! Maruti Suzuki launches safety accessories starting at Rs 10: What all you can buy

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Amid the Covid-19 lockdown, Maruti Suzuki has launched a range of health and hygiene accessories that aim to offer protection against the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has introduced as many as 9 accessories under PPE and car care range. Maruti Suzuki says that since the Covid-19 pandemic has created new customer requirements, the company is catering to the customer needs by introducing the latest innovations. As the name suggests, ‘Health and Hygiene’ range of accessories by Maruti Suzuki is formulated to meet the customer’s need for safety, hygiene and sanitisation. Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories for safety against Covid-19 have been priced in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 650. In case you are interested in buying any of these accessories, you can visit your nearest Maruti Suzuki dealership or visit In order to be specific, the range of Maruti Suzuki health and hygiene accessories include a 3 ply-face mask along with protective goggles, shoe cover, hand gloves, face shield visor.

The company claims that the face mask is certified by QCS and Sitra labs for health and safety standards. On the other hand, the MSGA car care items include an interior cleaner and car cabin protective partition. The said products can be used at all vehicle touchpoints and most of these accessories are eco-friendly, disposable, durable, transparent, lightweight and easy to install. The car cabin protective partition by Maruti Suzuki that divides the front and rear space of the car is made of premium polyvinyl chloride material.

The said accessory is not only durable and transparent but lightweight and easy to install as well. The protective partition prevents droplets and dust without blocking the field of view. The company says that in order to strengthen customer confidence, it will add more items under its ‘Health and Hygiene” range. Stay tuned for more!

source: financialexpress