The internet’s 10 “Ugliest” web sites

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Craigslist is one of the ugliest websites on the internet. the house page is an indistinct wall of links andtext, the website is tough to navigate, the postings are cluttered, and the design has barely modified in the beyond 15 years. At a time while web sites are competing to provide the fine digital experiences, Craigslist is the pinnacle of person unfriendliness. and that is precisely what makes it tremendous, says Pascal Deville.

Deville is founder of Brutalist web sites, a domain devoted to the maximum frustrating layout on the net. The web site takes its call from the arguable architectural movement Brutalism. To a few, Brutalistbuildings are poetry in concrete; to others, they’re chilly monoliths. net layout, Deville argues, has acomparable dichotomy. here‘s how he describes a Brutalist internet site:

In its ruggedness and lack of problem to look comfortable or easy, Brutalism may be seen as a responseby a more youthful generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of trendy internet layout.
accurately, Deville’s website has some of the hallmarks of the content material it espouses—a rudimentarylayout, one of the maximum basic typefaces (Courier), an infinite scroll, and no tabs or methods to typethe handfuls of weblog posts.

it’s a much cry from the intuitive navigation and elegance maximum app and net designs attempt fornowadays. That Deville’s website intentionally celebrates web pages, which stray from the repute quo, feels to me like a silent protest—a corner of the internet it really is bucking fine practices, a middle finger toconsumer friendliness.

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i’m no longer precisely proper about that.

“I would not name it a protest but a shout-out for greater humanity in state-of-the-art web layout,” Deville says. He views his website as a bastion for a section of net subculture of people who constructedscrappy websites themselves rather than the use of offerings with pre-canned templates like Squarespace. “phrases like UX and user friendly don’t have plenty of soul or guts and treat the whole thing like a product. in addition they killed a variety of the net tradition, which appears to find a voice on”

Deville posts quick confessionals about why the web designers he functions chose this aesthetic. some do it due to the fact that is all they recognise how: “It’s adorable and represents our concept thoroughly,” Valeria Mancinelli of the web site—which is basically a beveled three-column chart of YouTube links (no embedded video) to performance artwork portions—tells Deville. “And it’s the best way my boyfriend could make a internet site. Can’t ask for more. without a doubt I would really like a gradient as a historical past, however he’s no longer able [to add one].”

Others are doing it to make a assertion: “I assume it’s miles each an assertive way of speakmeapproximately the character of mass communique in a digital age and a provocative solution to a certain—and boring—expectation of present day layout. apart from all that, it is easy and inexpensive,” explains Germano Dushá of, a web artwork gallery whose domestic page is an animated neongreen logo and a couple of hyperlinks.

because the Washington put up points out, it’s now not simply small or previous blogs which havefollowed the cultured. Bloomberg, Drudge file, and person Swim are all considered Brutalist, thanks totheir ’90s motifs. (perhaps it is present day builders getting nostalgic for the internet of their youths.) you may also argue that Instagram’s new emblem is a bit Brutalist because of its gradient—the manufactured from one of the maximum primary gear in Microsoft Paint.

aside from their anachronistic aesthetics imparting a spoil from too-polished pages, Brutalist websites open up a communique about what we see on the net and why. simply as a Brutalist constructing‘s splendor isfrequently in the eye of the beholder, so too is a Brutalist net design.

“Calling some thing unsightly is primarily based upon a person‘s taste and must be seen in context of what is round,” Deville says. “In terms of net layout, ‘Brutalism’ can be described as a motion of designers and builders attempting no longer to cover at the back of an ever-stunning surface, but to showreality and honesty of their craft alternatively.” Deville has a point. some of the complicated, polishedwebsites you spot nowadays belie messy lower back-ends full of workaround code. With Brutalist web sites, what you see is what you get: fundamental code expressed with an similarly primary design.

We asked Deville to proportion his 10 favored Brutalist websites. His feedback underneath:

Drudge report
that is just an insane piece of Brutalism on the net with three million uniques a month. one among my favorites of all instances. Jason Fried, the founding father of, wrote a super piece about itreferred to as ‘Why the Drudge file is one of the best designed sites at the internet.'”

Sebastian Ly Serena
i have discovered Sebastian’s internet site a while ago, and on the grounds that I brought it to, it is been featured on and other blogs. it’s a bit of internet art andshould be exhibited at MoMA.”

Brandon Joyce
“Brandon’s website is truely a magazine with extraordinary content material but with such a snottyappearance (aesthetic- and code-sensible), which makes it difficult to stay focused.”

Dude Push through Sos Sosowksi
“Dude Push is the trendy brainchild of sport developer Sos Sosowski and one of the strangest websites out there right now. the sport does not seem to have a clear aim yet because the website says: ‘I don’t have any concept WHAT i’m DOING—the sport.’ In phrases of Brutalism, it’s miles a benchmark for all sportteaser web sites to come back.”

Ryder Ripps
“Ryder is the primary real artist inside the age of social media I know. His organization OKFocus doesawful-ass programs, combining the trendy generation with the web‘s trendy memes. but when it comes to his personal internet site, he simplest believes in Notepad.”

Very Interactive with the aid of Laurel Schwulst
i like Laurel’s work and assume she’s one of the unique assets of present day Brutalist net design. even though she wouldn’t name her paintings Brutalist, I think it’s miles in all viable ways with the aid ofplaying around with what’s available from simple HTML and a fantastic passion for details.”

“Craigslist does the whole thing right in doing the whole lot wrong in terms of branding and corporatephotograph. it’s a incredibly trustworthy carrier that makes a point with nothing however being a public blackboard with blue links you can trust.”

Carly Ayres
“Carly works at Google’s creative Lab and makes use of Google docs as her personal website. everyonejourneying her site can collaborate and edit the report, which honestly doesn’t assist to make itappearance first-rate.”

Daniel Eatock
“Daniel is an artist and the cofounder of Indexhibit and showcases his exceptional work the use of the default Indexhibit template—an honest assertion of believing on your very own product.”

Bloomberg Businessweek—Yahoo
“This unique on Yahoo with the aid of Bloomberg Businessweek is a brilliant example of how Brutalist netlayout can exist in a industrial surrounding. i am nevertheless questioning how their in-house layoutgroup managed to persuade the Bloomberg bosses about the technique.”