One for the common man: 10 Downing Street restaurant review

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The interiors of 10 Downing Street evoke the charm of the colonial era.

Despite the fact that it was a rainy Thursday night, we found the restaurant bustling. The crowd was a mix of senior citizens, young couples and corporate groups. As soon as we entered, the friendly staff checked our names in the reservation list and showed us to our tables. With saloon doors, an old-fashioned bar, warm lights, cosy wooden cushion chairs and tartan wall-paper, the place evoked the charm of colonial era. And as a pleasant surprise, an acoustic set comprising pop Hindi numbers was being played by a solo artiste.

We settled in the cosy chairs and asked for TDS Chicken (Rs 429) and Thyme Crusted Semolina Gnocchi (Rs 242). While we enjoyed the live performance, our growling stomachs reminded us that we have been waiting for more than half an hour for the starters. We judged the pace of the kitchen staff and decided to place an order for our main course dishes — Crispy Fish in Lemon Sauce with Burnt Garlic Rice (Rs 385) and Classic English Shepherd’s Pie (Rs 385) — immediately.

The TDS Chicken (Rs 429) platter consists of chicken wings that are simply delicious. (Tehillah Jacob)

However, this led to the arrival of our main course while we were having our starters, which meant the attendant had to precariously cram all the crockery on the table. Also, with the air-conditioning in full blast, the main course got a little cold by the time we could start having it.

Food wise, the restaurant turned out to be value for money. The chicken wings were soft and pretty much melted in our mouths, the gnocchi was well-cooked and spiced to perfection. The rice and fish were as comforting as home-cooked food. The shepherd’s pie had a little more tang than we’d have preferred. All the dishes, except the gnocchi, were generous in proportion.

The restaurant has valet parking facility and has multiple sections as per the size of the group. From cosy corners with two-seater tables to intimate sections lined with sofas that can seat up to 16 people in a go, it is well-equipped to handle different sets of diners. With an economical menu and an above-average service, if you are looking for a night out with friends without burning a hole in your pocket, this is the place to be.