What is a lifestyle blog? Unlock Lifestyle Blogging for Beginners

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What is a lifestyle blog? Unlock Lifestyle Blogging for Beginners

What Is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is the online journal entry that is inclusive of the writer’s everyday life and interests which curates a series of lifestyle blogs that are displayed in reverse chronological order, latest shared first.

The lifestyle bloggers are highly personalized to one’s personal life and events in the same but it has a broad variety of content. For example, someone married with two kids in Lucknow can write on several aspects of their life than a single young adult lifestyle blogging in Mumbai, both are considered lifestyle blogs.

Lifestyle Blogging For Beginners

As beginners, you can start blogging for several reasons, learn new skills, improve self-esteem, and explore career prospects. So, it’s time to take the leap and start blogging.

How To Start A Fashion And Lifestyle Blog?

In India, lifestyle blogging has picked and become quite famous in the past decade. Here’s how you can become Best Lifestyle Blogs India:

Find your niche: even though lifestyle blogging is about sharing about a person’s interests and lifestyle, based on their hobbies and interests, the niche of the lifestyle blogs can


Now, that we have discussed the extended writers who can become lifestyle bloggers, it is important to know the different kinds of lifestyle blogging since it is based on the writer’s interests.

Fashion And Lifestyle Blogs

Several lifestyle bloggers cover the categories of fashion, food, beauty, travel, family and life in general as well. But those who are professionally involved in fashion or have an interest in fashion can go ahead and share their journey and experiences in a blog, which is known as fashion and lifestyle blogs. They will be sharing this information with the audience who is interested in knowing about the daily lives of people who are either self-made people or professionals in fashion.

Interior Design Lifestyle Blog

Again, lifestyle blogging is about sharing one’s life. Interior designers involve writing interior design lifestyles sharing their experience of space and its impact on their lifestyle and mood.

Lifestyle Photography Blog

A photography blog can be an extension to one’s professional work as a photographer which can help them grow. You can share an insight into who you are and how you offer value to the prospective client.

You can also gain a fresh perspective as you brainstorm new ideas to write, and translate that into your work as a creative individual or vice-versa. A blog like such can give a more professional appeal to you as well as it can allow your audience to explore new photography motivations as well.

Lifestyle Fitness Blog

A lifestyle fitness blog is an online tool through which bloggers share advice, information, and expertise. This is again a diverse region which how-to’ instructional posts, fitness club news, interesting training techniques, and nutrition tips, and more.

These are only some of the lifestyle blog niches you can explore, there is also lifestyle yoga blogs, lifestyle food blogs, and many other niches. So, decide one based on the interest you have.


It is crucial to decide what will your brand be called online. While you freely decide your domain name, it should be short, catchy, memorable, easy to type and be distinct. It is also important that the name you choose is available to be taken as a domain name.

The domain name is basically like the address of your office in a traditional offline setting. Along with the domain, that name should also be available online on social media platforms, because it is crucial to have official social media profiles for your lifestyle blog from a marketing perspective.


Well, there are several domain providers on the internet, from which, you can search and register your desired domain. To get online, you need to also host the domain online. If a domain is your address on the internet, a host will be providing you with a space on the internet like you would rent a space offline.


CMS is the content management system that allows you to upload and manage your content online. You can use free CMS like WordPress which is quite popular and one of the best platforms for lifestyle blogs among the new bloggers and even established brands. It is immensely easy to use.

Install, login, explore and discover all the features of CMS to make your website more interactive and user friendly.


A theme of your website will add to the overall branding of the lifestyle blog. There are several free themes available in the WordPress directory that you can explore. After selecting your theme, you can install several plug-ins in the website like Yoast SEO to make it more SEO-friendly, contact form to get user information, Akismet to eradicate spam comments etc.


Once you are done with setting-up, you can go ahead and make a content plan to write in your niche. This will allow you to be more consitsnet t=with your blogs if you are managing the same with your career. It is important to be relevant and be consistent. If you have decided a certain time or day fo the week for your blogs to be updated online, make sure you stick to it.