Fast, affordable and great: Kawartha web design company innovates so small businesses can have it all

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This Saturday, April 2 is Canada’s national pb+j day. While it may pass many by unnoticed, for local business owner Tom Collver, it will be a momentous day. Collver and his business partner Kyle Dutka will celebrate the holiday by officially expanding the service offering of their innovative Lindsay-based web design company pb+j.

Collver and Dutka launched pb+j three years ago to fill a void in the marketplace. “We knew from speaking with small business owners over the past few years that there is a need for professionally-designed sites that small businesses—including startups—can afford,” explains Dutka. “After several months working on our business model we developed a rapid production process that made it possible to reduce the cost of building a corporate website by more than half.” What’s more, they produce these websites in 30 business days or less.

Collver says their sites are fully designed and produced by their in-house team of registered graphic designers and developers. “We’re able to deliver an affordable service without outsourcing or making compromises on customer service because we have invested in tools and a process that enables us to be extremely lean and efficient.”

Another way pb+j has departed from traditional web design practice is by posting a menu-style price list on their website. “We believe no other company offering websites at these prices can compete when it comes to value for money,” says Dutka. pb+j’s websites start at $2000, and customers can buy à la carte services as needed, including copywriting, logos or full branding.

In the three years since pb+j opened their doors, they have completed more than 250 sites for a wide range of businesses from all over the world, including Hollywood producers, Harvard startups, luxury home builders and New York Times best-selling authors—and of course, for many businesses in the Kawartha Lakes as well. Collver and Dutka are a prime example of how to put a new spin on an old classic. Happy pb+j day, Canada!